[RYANAIR offer] Timisoara - Milan from 5 € / segment

Occasionally, you can find fares from 5 € / segment for RYANAIR flights on the Timisoara - Milan Bergamo route. The fare is valid for flights from November, December, January, February and March.

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You missed one price of 5 € / segment? Year 2018 was filled with new flights and routes, but poorer in offers at airline tickets. And yet, RYANAIR still get tickets at 5 € / segment. This time, the fare is validated for flights on the route Timisoara - Milan Bergamo.

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We checked and, at the time of publication of this article, the fare was validated for flights in November on both segments: Timisoara - Milano and Milan - Timisoara. Thus, you can travel in one city ​​break for only 10 € (round trip). But pay close attention to the new cabin baggage policy at RYANAIR.

Timisoara - Milan from 5 €



Banana friends, the rates are validated for the "Valentine's Day" of February 2019. Take your loved one by the hand and take a flight to Milan. Spend less money on airline tickets, more money left for fun and shopping :).

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