RYANAIR 5 euro plane tickets to Athens, Paphos, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Timisoara and many more

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It was the end of the week, of the month, 1 December 2019, the day of Romania. I officially entered the gift month. Probably many of you are just waiting for the promotions for the winter holidays. Be it a gadget, the latest phone, a TV, a camera? Is it the favorite chocolate? But it better not be a vacation?

If you still have some money in your pocket, you should book your next vacation and it may be the perfect gift for your loved one. RYANAIR comes with a very attractive promotion. Flights to 5 € to destinations such as Athens, Paphos, Brussels, Milan Malpensa, Bologna, Rome, Timișoara and many more.

RYANAIR to 5 plane tickets

I did some simulations and the price of 5 € I saw it starting from December 2019 and even through March 2020. It is true that the price is valid during the week, but you can take advantage of the free days in 2020 and create your favorite city breaks.

Ryanair tickets at 5 euros

We have seen very good prices for Vienna (7,81 €), Amman (9 €), Pisa (10 €), Palermo (10 €), London (10 €), Pescara (10 €). So you have to choose.

Stop thinking. Hurry up because seats at these prices are limited. Look for promotional rates, buy and enjoy your holidays. All you have to do is pack your bags!

CAREFUL!!! In the promotional prices you only include a small hand luggage. If you need more or more luggage, you need to get some more money out of your pocket.

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