Ryanair reduces the number of flights from bases in Barcelona and Madrid

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The Government of Spain was not inspired when it decided to increase airport charges for each passenger on all airports in Spain. Many companies have begun to reorganize their fleets and flight schedules.

Blue Air had to ask passengers to pay tax differences depending on the destination in Spain, Wizz Air reduces the number of flights to Spain and it was Ryanair's turn to announce changes to the flight schedule.

Ryanair will reduce the number of flights from the Barcelona and Madrid bases from November 2012. From Madrid airport 3 aircraft will be withdrawn (from 14 to 11), approximately 1300 employees will be made redundant and the number of passengers will be reduced by 1.3 million. From the Barcelona El Prat base, Ryanair will withdraw 2 aircraft (from 13 to 11), about 1000 employees will be laid off and the number of passengers will be reduced by about 1 million. From the airports in Spain, Ryanair will total over 490 weekly flights.

These troop movements can affect tourism in Spain. The Spanish government will not make more money in the budget as it hoped by raising taxes, but I think it will record even greater losses.

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