RYANAIR refuses boarding permits issued by KIWI.com

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In recent years, RYANAIR has had some "battles" with all sorts of aggregator sites that sell airline tickets on behalf of airlines. Was the eDreams scandal, now is a new scandal, but this time with KIWI.com.

On August 18, RYANAIR announced that it is refusing boarding permits issued by the KIWI.com website. According to the press release, Ryanair issued a warning to customers today (August 18) regarding the false boarding permits issued by Kiwi.com for Ryanair flights.

RYANAIR has not authorized KIWI.com to sell airline tickets

In accordance with EU Regulation 2015/1998, it is mandatory for passengers to complete the check-in process directly on the Ryanair website to ensure that they are informed of all necessary safety and regulatory protocols when traveling.

Kiwi.com circumvents these essential aviation regulations by issuing its own boarding passes that are NO longer valid on RYANAIR flights. As of today (August 18), Ryanair will refuse boarding any passenger with a boarding pass issued by Kiwi.com because they have not complied with Ryanair's safety and security protocols.

Customers can obtain the official boarding pass only by accessing the reservation directly on the Ryanair.com website or through the Ryanair application.

Ryanair urges customers to book only directly on the Ryanair website or application and to avoid booking through third-party agents such as Kiwi.com, who are not authorized to sell Ryanair flights or issue boarding permits.

Earlier this year, Ryanair introduced a "Verified Seal" to protect customers against these online travel agencies that may overbook, provide incorrect or false customer details and thus prevent the airline from communicating directly with passengers. In this direction, RYANAIR has obtained a court decision in the Czech Republic requesting that KIWI.com provide real passenger data.

If you have made a reservation through Kiwi.com, RYANAIR urges you to contact Kiwi.com to obtain the necessary Ryanair reference in order to complete the check-in in accordance with the RYANAIR safety and security protocol. Ryanair check-in is open 24 hours before departure for all passengers and 60 days before departure for passengers who have purchased a reserved seat.

As a personal note, I mention that there is some scandal between the aggregating platforms and the airlines, including on the flights canceled in the pandemic. If you had canceled flights and the tickets were taken through travel agencies or other intermediaries, the settlement is made through the travel agency or intermediary, where there is no direct communication between the airline and the passenger, as is the case with KIWI. Agencies are requesting financial recoveries from the airline on behalf of passengers. If you took the tickets from an intermediary agency, but communication and all documents are done directly with the company, then clearly the responsibility it to the airline.

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