Ryanair gives up 10 routes from Budapest

Ryanair gives up 10 routes departing from Budapest

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Ryanair, Europe's largest low-cost carrier, announced it would lower its base activity in Budapest by 40%, close 10 routes and reduce the number of flights from 280 to 170 per week. These things will take effect from 10 January 2013. The super low-cost operator made this decision after the Budapest airport increased the fees and no longer offers advantageous financial facilities.

The discounts from Budapest will include from 10 January 2013:

- the number of aircraft will decrease from 5 to 3;
- the number of passengers will decrease from 2 million to 1.2 million per year;
- 800 jobs will be eliminated;
- the number of flights will be reduced by 40%
- the number of routes will be reduced by 30%, from 30 to 20.

Ryanair regrets those announced and is waiting for new offers to not implement the reduction plan. It seems to me that the Irish operator is playing a bit of a spin. It is to be watched how things will evolve!

The 10 routes Ryanair will drop from 10 January 2013:

1 bathing NEVER Lubeck
2 Birmingham NEVER Malaga
3 Bologna 8 Munich
4 Dusseldorf 9 Oslo
5 Krakow 10 Thessaloniki
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