RYANAIR SUN, the new Polish charter company

RYANAIR SUN, the registered charters division in Poland, received the AOC and will operate charter flights in the 2018 summer season.

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RYANAIR SUN has received the AOC from the Polish authorities, and in the summer season 2018 will operate charter flights. In order to receive the Operating Certificate, RYANAIR registered a plane to Poland. This is a Boeing 737-800, which received the SP-RSA code.


But to honor charter flights, RYANAIR will allocate 5 aircraft to 4 Polish bases: Warsaw Chopin, Poznan, Katowice and Wroclaw. We should mention that there is no need to register the other 4 aircraft in Poland. It is strictly a commercial decision that RYANAIR will make.

RYANAIR promises great prices for Polish travel agencies and increased passenger comfort. However, with Romanian passengers abandoned in Rome what's next?

The first RYANAIR SUN flight will be operated on April 26, on the route Poznan - Zakynthos, Greece. RYANAIR SUN will work with the Polish tour operator - Grecos Holiday, but also with TUI.

Ryanair Sun intends to become the largest charter carrier in Poland. It will expand its fleet from 15 aircraft to 2019 and 25 aircraft to 2020.

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