RYANAIR UK has canceled 12 domestic and international routes in the UK

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On December 21, RYANAIR announced that it had to cancel 12 domestic and international routes in the UK. The low-cost Irish company accuses the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of changing the rules during the game on December 20, just 10 days before the end of Brexit.

RYANAIR officials said CAA Director David Kendrick inexplicably introduced new regulatory measures, forcing Ryanair UK to cancel 12 major routes in UK regions at a time when reliable, low-fare connectivity is needed.

The targeted routes are those operated from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Belfast and Derry to destinations in Ukraine and Morocco, but also domestically in the United Kingdom.

Two years ago, RYANAIR agreed to the CAA's Brexit transition process, but unfortunately it cannot meet the new requirements added just a few days ago.

CAA defends itself and says that it has not introduced new rules, other than those already known by RYANAIR. CAA also accuses RYANAIR of using aircraft registered in other countries to operate inter and international flights to the UK.

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