RYANAIR will make repayments after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic

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So far, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, over 2 million flights were canceled. Over 15200 airplanes are on the groundand the jobs of 25 million people, who work in aviation and tourism, are in danger.

Millions of passengers have had to give up their journeys. Some because they were afraid to travel again because of the new coronavirus. Others are forced to give up because of travel restrictions imposed by the authorities.

Under these conditions, most tourists turned to travel agencies and airlines to recover their money. Obviously, they are entitled to do so. Only in aviation and travel, money flows. And at the moment, IATA is sounding an alarm and recommends that passengers reschedule their trips or accept vouchers to book other trips, but NOT to request cash reimbursements.

RYANAIR suspends reimbursement during the pandemic with the new coronavirus

Initially praised for the cancellation policy for flights canceled in accordance with EU directive 261, the low-cost company RYANAIR changed the reimbursement policy during the pandemic to protect its cash flow. Ryanair passengers received emails last day that they were notified that their reimbursement requests will not be processed until the health crisis ends (informs www.air-journal.fr/).

Instead, they are offered a credit valid for 12 months. A practice known to Air France, Lufthansa, Wizz Air customers. The latter offers 120% credit to the Wizz Air customer account.

In conclusion, passengers affected by the canceled flights to RYANAIR may opt for a credit in the customer account or choose to reimburse the money, but this will not happen very soon.

We recall that RYANAIR has landed over 90% of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft fleet until Thursday, April 16, 2020. Currently, it operates 12 routes from the Dublin base to destinations in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Lisbon. From London-Stansted base, Ryanair flies to Berlin, Budapest, Cork, Eindhoven and Lisbon.

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