Ryanair flights to Castellón airport

Ryanair will fly to the "ghost" airport in Castellón

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El Pais, a reputed publication in Spain, has published a news about the "ghost" airport in Castellón and the agreement it will conclude with Ryanair. On Wednesday, 11 March 2015, a press conference will be held at the headquarters of the council in Castellón. At the meeting tomorrow, will be present: Jose Espartero, sales manager and manager of Ryanair Spain; Luis Fernández-Mellado, responsible for the new routes of the airline; Alain Russel, CEO Castellón airport.

Officials have not yet confirmed Ryanair's future plans in the Castellón area, but market rumors are fueling the idea that the Irish low-cost operator will open a base at Costa Azahar's "ghost" airport in Castellón. It will operate flights to destinations in Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Thus, Ryanair could become the first airline with regular operations at an airport without air traffic.

The "ghost" airport in Castellón was inaugurated in 2011, after an investment of approximately 150 million EURO. Since the inauguration until now, the airport has been completely ignored by all air carriers. There were no regular commercial flights, only a few charters with football teams.

The work has been challenged from the beginning. Firstly because there was no need for such an airport on the east coast of Spain, an area well served by the airports Valencia, Barcelona and Alicante. Secondly, the project was not in compliance with international airline rules and some money was paid until it received the operating permit. Third, there is a massive, tall statue near the only runway serving the airport.

We are waiting for the conference tomorrow for more details.

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  1. [...] Today. At a conference, Ryanair announced that it intends to launch flights to Castellon, specifically London Stansted - Castellon and Bristol - Castellon routes. This confirms that Ryanair becomes the first airline to fly to the "ghost" Costa Azahar airport. [...]

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