RYANAIR, passenger warning: website and app will be down for 11 hours! "Make your check-in in time"!

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RYANAIR has issued a notice that the website and app will be down for 11 hours between 18:00 (November 8) and 05:00 (November 9). Routine maintenance is planned for the booking platform.


Those with scheduled flights during this period must check-in online before 18:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8. Those who do not, could pay a fee of €55 (€30 for flights to Spain) to check in at the airport.

RYANAIR warning
RYANAIR warning

Normally, the airline encourages customers to check-in online. Boarding passes are sent directly to your phone or can be printed. For tickets at the lowest fare, online check-in can be done a maximum of 24 hours before the flight. Passengers with Flex Plus tickets can check-in online up to 60 days before the flight.

In this case, when the application and the website will not be functional for 11 hours, it is good to check-in earlier than 18:00, November 8, for flights that will take place during the 11 hours, but also for November 9.

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