Ryanair news winter schedule 2016/2017: Bucharest - Milan Bergamo and Bucharest - Madrid with planes from Bucharest

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Ryanair is working hard to load the 2016/2017 winter schedule. At the same time, it prepares new surprises for us. We are waiting with great interest for the launch of the site in Romanian, the introduction of the Timisoara - Bucharest route in the reservation system and the announcement of the base in Bucharest.


Yes, Ryanair will announce the base in Bucharest, information speculated a long time ago. We realize this through the new timetable of the routes operated from / to Bucharest, but also through the new "permutations" made at European level, starting with October 30, 2016.

On 27 January 2016, I wrote about the new Bucharest - Brussels timetable and at the same time I mentioned in the discussions the new schedule Bucharest - Milan Bergamo, which will bring flights in the morning and operated by plane from Bucharest.

Winter schedule 2016/2017 on Bucharest - Milan Bergamo:

FR 3993 Bucharest 07:00 - 08:15 Milan Bergamo daily
FR 3773 Bucharest 22:15 - 23:30 Milan Bergamo Friday, Sunday

FR 3992 Milano Bergamo 08:40 - 11:55 Bucharest daily
FR 3773 Milano Bergamo 18:35 - 21:50 Bucharest Friday, Sunday

Winter schedule 2016/2017 on Bucharest - Madrid:

FR 2514 Bucharest 15:45 - 18:35 Madrid daily
FR 2513 Madrid 19:10 - 23:50 Bucharest daily

If we take a brief look, the base in Bucharest will have at least 2 planes. Every morning, they will fly to Milan Bergamo and Brussels. And also every day, one aircraft will make Bucharest - Madrid and the second will do Bucharest - Timisoara (according to schedule). But there is still room for a flight, so we expect new destinations.

The other routes (Milan Malpensa, Dublin, London, Rome, Bologna) will be honored with aircraft from external bases.

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