fbpx 40 years have passed since Henri Coanda's death

It has been 40 years since Henri Coanda's passing into lawlessness

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Sunday, 25 November 2012, 40 marks the anniversary of the passing of Henri Coandă, the inventor of the jet engine and its effect bearing its name, aviation pioneer, exceptional engineer and visionary scientist.

In honor of the memory of the great scientist, whose name is the largest airport in Romania, the Bucharest National Airports Company marked this moment by organizing a commemoration ceremony, consisting of a religious service and a burial at the funeral of Henri Coandă, from the Bellu cemetery.

Henri Coandă was the inventor of "the first jet plane in the world", with which he surprised humanity so much, that it took 30 years to use his invention. Its name is related to many revolutionary ideas: the "Coandă effect", the two-engined airplane, the "flying spurs" that were used to brake the monthly "Apollo 11" and "Apollo 12" modules on landings, recoilless rifles, prefabricated houses, solar water desalination plant.

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