Sale of Airbus A310 TAROM aircraft for 5.48 million

TAROM has announced the sale of 2 AIRBUS A310 aircraft to Armenia Airways Aircompany. The Armenian carrier offered the most advantageous price, respectively the amount of 5.48 million USD for the two Airbus A310 aircraft and their components.

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Werner Wolff, Managing Director of TAROM: "A strategic decision that brings significant profit to our company, both from the actual sale of the aircraft and the elimination of the costs of their maintenance and maintenance."

The assets were put up for sale in February this year, the two aircraft being inoperable and being in conservation status as of September 2016. The AIRBUS A310 aircraft were purchased by TAROM in December 1992 and operated in commercial mode until the end of the 2016 year.

Sale of Airbus A310 TAROM aircraft

Airbus TAROM a310-yr-LCA
PHOTO: Oana Cucu

After the evaluation phase of the tenders and following the negotiations carried out, the airline Armenia Arways Aircompany offered the most advantageous price, respectively the amount of 5.480.000 USD USD for the following assets for the two Airbus A310 aircraft and the related components.

„The valorization of these assets represents an important strategic step for TAROM, especially since one of our major objectives in the next period is the optimization of logistics costs and the increase of TAROM business performance. This valorization is opportune not only in terms of the offer obtained - very advantageous for our company - but also in eliminating the maintenance costs and maintenance costs for the two aircraft, which in just half a year, reach over 9 million USD ", Said Werner Wolff, General Manager of TAROM.

The value of the two aircraft was fully amortized at the time of sale. The price set by the appraiser, respectively 5.472.977,87 USD, was slightly exceeded by the Armenia Airways offer. This offer is approximately double compared to the first offers received by TAROM during the year 2017.

The decision to use the Airbus A310 aircraft and related components is justified mainly by the fact that for their operationalization, in order to resume the commercial flights, TAROM would have to pay an approximate amount of 26,5 million USD for the next 2 years.

TAROM is currently operating on external and domestic flights with a fleet of 25 aircraft, of which 4 aircraft are the newly acquired Boeing 737-800 Next Generation model. The company will continue to invest in the modernization and expansion of the fleet.

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