Business and VIP lounges at Henri Coanda International Airport

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On a hot summer day, the team went to Henri Coanda International Airport, Otopeni, to visit Business lounges and VIP. We were curious to see the services and facilities offered by the largest airport in Romania for business passengers, VIPs, but also for those who buy these services extra.

The airport has one VIP lounge, for an Presidential salon and three Business type salons. Our visit started with the VIP lounge. Mrs. Liliana Chiric, Chief of the Protocol Service Henri Coandă, took us into an exclusive world, beyond the expansive waiting rooms. He spoke to us passionately about each salon and about services.

VIP services

VIP services are intended for VIP (Very Important Person) and CIP (Commercial Important Person) passenger categories. These consist of ensuring a complete "meet & assist" package both on departure and on arrival from a trip.


Before I go on, I want to clarify. VIP and CIP passengers are high ranking. We talk about politicians, businessmen, celebrities, etc. We can all buy VIP services, but not all of us have VIP status. This is the reality!

VIP services are requested with 24 hours before the flight. In most cases, VIP services are based on a contract.

Thread of events for VIP passengers, on boarding

The passenger is welcomed in the check-in area or a meeting point is established. After the check-in formalities on the dedicated stream, you go to the security control and then to the Border Police. There is a special area for those who opt for VIP services. After the security check, you go to the VIP lounge.

Within the VIP lounges, passengers also benefit from a small catering service. A juice, coffee or alcoholic beverage can be served. VIP passengers focus on other services, not catering.

As the boarding time approaches, the VIP passenger is announced and accompanied to the bellows - passenger boarding bridge (PBB). If boarding is from the airport platform, the VIP passenger is transferred to the plane by limousine. In the case of groups, a properly equipped minibus can be used.

Event thread for VIP passengers upon arrival

The passenger is greeted on the airport platform or by plane, then transferred by limousine to the border police. Border crossing formalities are done on a dedicated stream.

And here ends the "meet & assist" service. The VIP service is not involved in baggage retrieval. It is a security protocol that does not allow this. Each passenger is directly responsible for baggage retrieval.

Protocol lounge for VIP passengers:

Above I referred to the VIP lounge. They can be used by passengers traveling both on international flights and on domestic flights, ensuring the comfort and privacy of VIP passengers.


The salon operates in the 24 / 7 regime, being serviced by specialized personnel, with high professional training.


The salon has facilities specific to the category of services: relaxing environment, smoking area, free access to the telephone, fax, copier, wi-fi, television with Romanian and international channels, flight status info monitors, a wide range of refreshments, coffee, sweets and snacks.

According to statistics, the VIP lounge processes an average of 30 of passengers / day.

Business Class services and salons

The services of the business lounges can benefit the passengers designated by the airlines and who have plane tickets to the business class; passengers with a certain status offered by the loyalty card from a particular airline or alliance. At the business lounges, passengers holding certain bank cards can also have access. If you have business class tickets, regardless of the airline, you have free access to any of the 3 Business lounges at Henri Coanda International Airport, Otopeni!


At the same time, to the business lounges all passengers who pay the special entrance fee can access. They may be occasional visits or on the basis of contracts concluded between commercial units and the Henri Coandă Protocol Service.

In the case of business services, there is no "meet & assist" package. Passengers are responsible for boarding and must pay attention to the information announced.

For business lounges, the catering service is more consistent compared to the VIP service. Passengers can serve a wide range of soft drinks, coffee, sweets and snacks. Sometimes there may be hot meal.


The 3 business lounges have a total capacity of 280 seats and are open 24 hours a day. Two of these (the TAROM branded salon and the Master Card branded salon) are symmetrically located in the area of ​​the 7 and 8 boarding gates, on the second floor of the international departures terminal. The third Business Lounge is in the 14 boarding gate area, on the second floor.




The access to the salons is made on rolling and fixed stairs or with elevators. The lounges include facilities for persons with reduced mobility. For those interested, analyze the list with PRICES FOR PROTOCOL.




Regarding the arrangement, the VIP lounge is decorated minimalist and simple. While Business lounges are more colorful and equipped with comfortable armchairs and sofas. The VIP lounge is smaller and open, while the Business lounges are larger and with private areas.

For those who are passionate about airplanes, BUSINESS and VIP lounges offer spectacular views over the airport platforms and runways. For the best view on the activity on the platform, we recommend the third Business Salon, which is in the area of ​​the boarding gate 14, on the second floor.

  1. alex says

    Which salon allows access for domestic flights? Or none? Thanks.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      On domestic flights, taking into account that departures are made from another area of ​​the terminal, you do not have access to business lounges. But there are relaxation areas and cafes in the terminal area for internal departures.

      1. alex says

        It was good for a salon and for domestic flights. I have a mastercard world and I want to travel also internally, especially now that the rates have been reduced.

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