Santiago de Chile - Sydney with LATAM, from October 27, 2019

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Starting with 27 October 2019, LATAM will fly directly on the route Santiago de Chile - Sydney. There will be 3 weekly flights with 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The tickets were put up for sale.

The new flights will complement direct operations between Santiago de Chile and Melbourne. At the same time, LATAM will reduce the number of Santiago de Chile - Sydney flights via Auckland from 7 to 4 per week. All flights to Australia are operated by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Flight schedule Santiago de Chile - Sydney with LATAM

  • LA803 Santiago 01:30 - 06:15 + 1 Sydney Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • LA802 Sydney 10:00 - 09:15 Santiago Monday, Thursday, Saturday

On the Santiago - Sydney segment, the flight duration is 14:45 hours. On the return flight, Sydney - Santiago, the flight duration is 13:15 hours. According to the schedule. According to the schedule, there is a "time travel" due to the time zone. It leaves Sydney at 10:00 and, after 13 hours, lands in Santiago at 09:15, the same day.

Related to Santiago de Chile - Sydney flights via Auckland, they will be operated at a frequency of 4 per week, according to the schedule below.

Flight schedule Santiago de Chile - Auckland - Sydney with LATAM

  • LA801 Santiago 00:40 - 05:05 + 1 Auckland 07:40 - 09:15 Sydney Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • LA800 Sydney 11:10 - 16:15 Auckland 18:10 - 13:05 Santiago Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
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