Haferland Week 2014 in the Oatsland, the Saxon area

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Do you know how much a plane ticket costs up to Haferland? Do not search because you will not find! Haferland is not a distant place, over the seas and countries, but it is a few hundred kilometers from Bucharest, others may be closer, others may be further.


Is about The Land of Oats, the Saxon area of ​​which many story villages are part such as: Saschiz, Criţ, Buneşti, Mesendorf, Viscri, Rupea and Roades.

Here it will be organized Haferland Week 2014, the largest event in the area. It aims to bring together both Saxons and tourists, between 15.08.2014 - 24.08.2014. Included are visits to heritage buildings, picnics, outdoor concerts and bike rides, plus many other activities. The story of the Saxons in Romania deserves to continue!

During the 12-13 July period, I will attend one press trip in Criţ area, a locality with a history of over 700 years: the first documentary attestation dates back to 1270. The name Kreuz, of German origin, was inspired by a cross erected on a promontory, visible from the three neighboring communes. The Saxons in the area worshiped the cross a stone church, and around it appeared the first houses of the village.

I will have the opportunity to visit one of the houses of Prince Charles, the Fortified Church, the Parish House of Criţ, the Fortress of Rupea, the Church of Saschiz, the Helwig Museum and many others. Gurmand being also passionate about culinary art, I will have the opportunity to have lunch in a Saxon courtyard and dinner at Mrs. Rozi. I'll be back with impressions and photos!

Among the organizers of this event is the Michael Schmidt Foundation. It was established in 2012 and its main objective is the maintenance and reconstruction of the cultural heritage in Transylvania. Since the early 90s, the founder has dedicated himself to the Transylvanian community and various projects, which he brought to a successful conclusion.

(photo: blogdecalatorii.ro / Rupea Fortress)

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