Seven dead in the crash of a Beechcraft King Air B350i in Abuja, Nigeria

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Seven people aboard a Beechcraft King Air B350i plane died on Sunday after it crashed near the Nigerian capital, Abuja. The cause of the accident is not known at this time, but officials said the pilot reported a malfunction to one of the engines.

"A Nigerian Beechcraft KingAir B350i plane crashed near Abuja airport after an engine failure was reported. said Nigerian Air Force spokesman Ibikunle Daramola, in a statement. "Unfortunately, the seven people on board died as a result of the impact," he added.

An engine failure caused an explosion of the Nigerian military jet shortly after it took off from the runway of the airport in the capital Abuja. Eyewitnesses say the pilot drove the plane into a bush, away from the residential areas where it was to crash.

plane crash in nigeria

The Nigerian air force was heading for Minna in an attempt to rescue 42 abductees, but was seen trying to return immediately after takeoff. The aircraft - a Beechcraft King Air 350i - exploded before it could make an emergency landing, a landmark event for hundreds of witnesses watching from the airport.

President Muhammadu Buhari sent his condolences to the air force and the families of the victims, saying that it is "deeply saddened by the crash of the aircraft".

An investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the accident, they said Air Force.

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