Celebrate Romania's Centenary with TAROM!

In honor of the 100 anniversary of the Great Union, TAROM launches the special Centenary offer. All tickets on TAROM domestic routes have prices with 20% lower.

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For the Centenary, TAROM comes with a promotion valid on domestic flights. Between November 29 and December 1, 2018, TAROM offers 20% on all tickets on domestic flights in Romania.

“It is a natural gesture of appreciation to the historical moment that we want to mark with all Romanians. As a Centenary, TAROM has opened 7 new internal routes, thus connecting all the historical regions of Romania. We are motivated by the commitment that the national company has to the Romanians. We want, once again, to be united, wherever we are, " said Werner Wolff - Managing Director of TAROM.

The centenary of Romania together with TAROM!

The passing of 100 years since the Great Union of Romanians surprised the national company at a time of reassembly and revitalization. The positive perspectives are undoubtedly related to the Centenary moment of the Great Union. It is for this reason that TAROM wishes to thank all the passengers for their support and trust in the company.

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At the same time, TAROM will customize the interiors of the aircraft for the Centenary of Romania.

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