SAS cancels 4000 flights in the summer season 2022

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Due to the lack of staff, but also due to delays in the delivery of aircraft, SAS had to cancel approximately 4000 flights in the summer season 2022. Cancellations affect about 5% of the flights originally planned for the summer months. Initially, 75.000 SAS flights were scheduled for May, June, July and August. 

"Those affected by this year will be re-routed on the nearest flights. For most people, it means the same dayEckhoff said.

"There is both a shortage of staff and delays in aircraft deliveries. Many people go through safety training or advanced training in a simulator. There are many new employees, many after they resigned or were fired during the pandemicEckhoff explained.

SAS is not a singular case. Other European airlines also reduced their summer offers and, among other things, pointed out the lack of staff. Roger Klokset, the leader of the SAS Pilots Association in Norway, says 450 of the pilots laid off in the pandemic are still unemployed. He believes it takes much longer to recruit completely new pilots.

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