Six delayed flights and three canceled flights at Henri Coanda Airport - 15.01.2013

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The fog gives the airlines big headaches. A total of six flights, five domestic and one international (Sofia - Bucharest (RO 294)), were delayed at take-off at Henri Coanda Airport. Three other TAROM flights were canceled due to fog, the National Airports Company of Bucharest (CNAB) informed.

The five domestic flights are: Timisoara - Bucharest (RO 602) and two Cluj - Bucharest (RO 642 and 652) and Iaşi - Bucharest (RO 702 and 704 Iasi). Due to adverse weather conditions, TAROM company canceled the flights: ROT 605 / 606 Bucharest - Timişoara - Bucharest, ROT 643 / 644 Bucharest - Cluj - Bucharest and ROT 705 / 706 Bucharest - Iasi - Bucharest.

The passengers of the delays registering benefit from assistance according to the E261 / 2004 Regulation, regarding the rights of the passengers.

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