Satu Mare International Airport has announced the figures for 2021: passenger air traffic has almost doubled compared to 2020!

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The year 2021 meant for aviation a complex period, with difficulties, but also with achievements, according to the conditions imposed by the context of the pandemic.

Satu Mare Airport has invested effort, both materially and humanly, to meet the 47.280 passengers who crossed its threshold (11.055 on domestic flights and 36.225 on international flights), serving both TAROM's domestic flights to Bucharest, and and those of Wizz Air and HISKY to international destinations: London, Frankfurt, Rome and Paris.

For the year 2021, the airport authorities from Satu Mare would like to thank and are grateful to all those with whom they collaborated: institutions, partners and passengers, as well as to the Regia team, a collaboration that made possible the easier passage through the previous year.

Currently, there are planned flights from Satu Mare International Airport to Bucharest, London, Paris and Rome.

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