Saudi Arabian Airlines painted an Airbus A320 in SkyTeam colors

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Saudi Arabian Airlines, the main airline in Saudi Arabia and based in Jeddah, is preparing to join the SkyTeam alliance. In January 2011 the alliance and the Saudi operator signed an agreement by which it will join 29 May 2012.

Saudi Arabian Airlines is the first airline in Middle East which will join SkyTeam and add 35 to new network destinations. The operator offers direct flights to Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. It has a fleet of 138 aircraft, plus other custom 88s, including 8 Dreamliner 787 aircraft.

Saudi Arabian Airlines plays an important role in the Orient area, being one of the main players with over 19 million passengers carried annually. This can be a major advantage for SkyTeam, offering new destinations to partners and a much better positioning of the alliance in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabian Airlines in SkyTeam colors

(photo Saudi Arabian Airlines - livery SkyTeam)

Like any member of the SkyTeam alliance, but also adhering to the accession agreement, Saudi Arabian Airlines painted an Airbus A320 (HZ-ASF) aircraft in SkyTeam colors. The action took place in Madrid, in the Iberia Maintenance hangars.

TAROM is part of SkyTeam.

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