Eurovision 2022 scandal: TVR published the score given by the Romanian jury!

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Eurovision 2022 it is in the midst of a widespread scandal over the jury votes offered by six countries, including Romania. During the live broadcast, to our surprise, Romania did not award points to Moldova, and the 12 points went to Ukraine. Something similar happened in the case of Moldova.

Ukraine has won Eurovision 2022 with the song Kalush Orchestra - Stefania, but it turns out to be a controversial victory, based on other considerations and criteria, not musical. In the case of Romania, TVR published the official score given by the Romanian jury:

  • Moldova-12 points
  • Greece - 10 points
  • Poland-8 points
  • Netherlands-7 points
  • Azerbaijan - 6 points
  • Australia-5 points
  • Italy-4 points
  • Spain-3 points
  • Finland-2 points
  • Lithuania-1 point

However, the organizers of Eurovision 2022 canceled these votes and allocated other points, as they considered, including the 12 points to Ukraine. In addition to the changes to the notes, the organizers blocked the live entry of the Romanian representative.

The composition of the Romanian jury was as follows:

  • Sanda Ladoşi,
  • Luminita Angel,
  • Ovi Jacobsen,
  • Liviu Elekesh
  • Mihai Pocorschi.

TVR asked the ESC organizers to provide them, officially, with the concrete reasons why they replaced the Romanian jury score with a “substitute” calculated in a non-transparent way.

In this context, what relevance does Eurovision have as a music competition? At the same time, how credible is Eurovision in terms of jury votes or popularity votes? What evidence do we have that all the votes were not changed from the pen?

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