Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport in 2020: 20.9 million registered passengers

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COVID-19 pandemic turned 2020 into a difficult and challenging year for humanity. Travel restrictions, blocked borders and suspended flights have led to a major decline in passenger numbers. Aviation, tourism and all related industries have suffered. The numbers speak for themselves!

In 2020, Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport registered only 20.9 million passengers, down more than 70% from 2019. Eindhoven Airport recorded only 2,1 million, down 69% from the previous year. Rotterdam - The Hague Airport reported 0,5 million passengers, down 77% from 2019. This is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic at Dutch airports.

Last year, Schiphol - Amsterdam International Airport reported 227.304 aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings), down 54% from the previous year.

Despite the restrictions and the COVID-19 crisis, The Netherlands remained connected to 316 destinations worldwide, 16 less than the previous year, but flight frequencies were reduced. Air operators flew less and used smaller aircraft.

There was also a decrease in the cargo area. Schiphol processed 1,4 million tons of cargo in 2020, down 9% compared to 2019. However, the number of flights operated by cargo aircraft increased by 68%, reaching 23.782. However, the decrease in tonnage was registered because the possibility of transporting goods in the holds of passenger aircraft was also lost.

Royal Schiphol Group also published the figures for Eindhoven and Rotterdam airports. The situation is as follows: Eindhoven Airport - 18.882 aircraft movements (-55%) and 83 destinations (-6); Rotterdam - The Hague Airport reported 5.314 aircraft movements (−69%) and 36 destinations (−12).

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