Higher Aviation School (SSAvC) - conditions for participation in the flight attendant course

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In September this year, the Upper Aviation School (SSAvC) will open its doors for a new series of flight attendants and will organize an entrance exam for the courses that will take place in the fall. Only 40 seats will be put out.

The entrance examination, for these courses, consists of the written and oral exams in English and of the Geography of Romania and Europe. Anyone over 18 years old and with a high school diploma can enroll in these courses.

The admitted candidates will have a training course for two months. During this time the students will study subjects such as: English, aeronautical geography and meteorology, discipline and responsibilities, aeronautical medicine, CRM (multiple crew cooperation), normal / abnormal / emergency operational procedures, aircraft knowledge and aeronautical legislation.

For many young people, the field of aviation is a fascinating field of activity, hence the great interest in these courses. From the year 2002 until the end of last year, over 1.500 people have completed the board companion courses, according to SSAvC.

Conditions of participation in the course of accompanying board:
minimum 18 years old
high school diploma
proving medical skills (medical certificate JAR-FCL 3, class 2)
Proven knowledge of English and geography (of Romania and Europe)

General course information:
theoretical training program: 231 hours (include end-of-course exams), approximately 8 weeks
cost of theoretical training: 1.568 euro / pers
during the theoretical training the candidates can opt for:
carrying out the practical training, for a fee (approx. 1.350 euro) - providers: Blue Air, Tarom, Carpatair or Medallion Air
conducting practical training on their own

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