The state of alert in Romania is prolonged. Home isolation will continue to apply only to those arriving from countries with many new COVID-19 cases. (Video)

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Recently, President Klaus Iohannis made a press statement announcing that it is necessary to extend the state of alert in Romania. Obviously, some existing restrictions will be removed or relaxed, but we do not get rid of the "alert state" tool.

In addition to prolonging the alert, he brought home isolation / self-isolation into discussion. He mentioned that there will continue to be this protection tool, applied to all citizens who will arrive from countries with many cases of COVID-19.

The state of alert in Romania is prolonged

A classification criterion was also found. The average of new cases registered in the last 14 days is taken into account. To relax relations between countries, this average should be below 5 cases / 1 million inhabitants. At present, countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands do not qualify for this chapter.

The statement made by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis

We expect that these days, the Romanian government will come out and announce all the measures applied for the period after June 16. Unfortunately, the news is not very good for some of those who read us. But we hope to come up with better news.

  1. Alex says

    Hello. I speculate I think at the moment. But from what I understand, the restrictions imposed by the NOTAM given some time ago end and will not continue after June 16. From what I understand, the only update is that those who come from the mentioned countries (Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands) will have to isolate themselves for 2 weeks. So that someone who flies from Germany, for example from June 17 onwards, can fly quietly, and even more, will not have to isolate himself. Do you have a different interpretation? Is there a chance that Romasta will extend the flight cancellation even after June 16?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The NOTAM is applied equally periodically in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed. No one guarantees that it will not be extended. The respective NOTAM was applied according to the law of the state of alert, which was approved on May 18. On Thursday, something like that, I think we will have a much clearer situation for the period after June 16 and then we will know exactly how things will be at the level of countries, travel, flights.

      1. Alex says

        Thank you!

  2. Carina says

    Are those coming from Canada in the category of those who will enter self-isolation after June 16? Thank you (with the mention that they will have a stopover of 3 or 4 hours in Europe - either in London, Dublin, Amsterdam or Paris.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We are waiting to see what the government in Bucharest decides about the countries from which it will enter self-asylum…

      1. Mariana says

        In the current conditions, is it allowed to accommodate in pension groups of more than 20 people, without being family members? Where do I find regulations in this regard? Thanks.

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          Talk to the authorities about this. It's about tourism.

  3. Vizi Janos says

    Please. Beautiful transport administration to let their way to traffic in Europe are separated families to God's health please open the gates of Europe

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