The HiSky base will open in Iasi and flights will be operated to Frankfurt, Dublin and London.

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Iasi International Airport has become the base of the first and only Moldovan airline.

Today, November 6, the first type aircraft landed in Iasi HiSky Airbus A320 which will remain at the airport in the heart of Moldova. The plane is only nine years old and is the newest aircraft registered in Romania.

HiSky base in Iasi

"The representatives of the HiSky airline can say that, by opening the base in Iași, they are practically at home. The beginning of a new collaboration, which we mark today, guarantees a better connectivity between the inhabitants of Moldova, whether we are talking about the Republic of Moldova or the North-East Region, and the rest of the European Union. Even if at present the pandemic context in which we find ourselves affects the aviation sector, the Iași Airport team continues to enrich its portfolio of destinations operated in the capital of Moldova and also strengthens its partnerships with airline representatives", said Cătălin BULGARIU, general manager of RA Iași Airport

At the same time, during today's event, the director of HiSky, Iulian SCORPAN, stated that Iași has become the company's hub, which will determine the inhabitants of the region to travel more.    

HiSky will fly to Dublin, Frankfurt and London

"I chose Iasi because it is among the cities with the most active development processes, a city of continuous movement, tourism, business, an international academic center, and last but not least a city dear to us, where we feel at home. HiSky has behind it a team with many years of aviation experience, which attended the courses of the Romanian aviation school and which has been active over time on the board of various airlines. We come up with a different approach to our passengers, with safety, comfort and expectations being a priority for us.", said Commander Iulian SCORPAN, director of HiSky.

HiSky will launch three regular flights, two of which represent new destinations for Iasi: Dublin - a city where there is a large community of Romanians and Frankfurt - an area of ​​connection with other more distant destinations.

The third race operated by HiSky is London. In terms of prices, HiSky combines low-cost principles with a range of additional services for which passengers will be able to opt for a fee.

The launch of the flights is planned for the end of this year, the date of the sale of tickets and the flight schedule will be communicated later.

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