Several crews and four Wizz Air planes are stranded in Ukraine

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Wizz Air is working to move four planes that are stranded in Ukraine. At the same time, they are working to evacuate some of the blocked crew members.

"We still have some Ukrainian colleagues stuck in the country," said Wizz Air spokeswoman Christie Rawlings. "However, every day, more and more colleagues and their relatives are either reaching safer parts of Ukraine or crossing the border into neighboring countries," Rawlings said.

"We have focused on helping our colleagues and their families in Ukraine move to safe places, and we provide all the support we need.".

In a note to employees, Michael Delehant, executive vice president of Wizz Air, said: "We are deeply concerned about the safety of our teams and their families. We understand that you have some concerns about some of our actions and the evacuation of our Ukrainian crews. We are fully committed to evacuating all employees from Ukraine!"Delehant said in an undated note.

"We all do our best to find the safest and best possible opportunity to get our colleagues out of Ukraine. We are in contact with local and international governments, aviation and security authorities and we have a group of pilots waiting, ready to intervene to fly the Ukrainian planes as soon as it becomes safe and possible to carry out that mission."

In addition to employees stranded in Ukraine, Wizz Air also has four Airbus A320 aircraft in the conflict zone. Three planes are at the airport in Kyiv and one is in Lviv.

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