The winter tourist season will start in Austria after the lockdown

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Like most European countries, Austria is experiencing increasing incidences and is reacting strongly to current developments. From Monday, November 22, will enter into force a temporary lockdown in Austria. This isolation affects vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, is applied for a maximum of 20 days, is evaluated after 10 days and ends on 13 December at the latest.

Sightseeing in Austria is not possible during the lockdown period. We will inform you of the details as soon as they are available to us.

As the responsible host country, Austria has prepared as best it can for winter tourism with measures such as the 2G rule (vaccinated or cured). However, the current situation necessitates a lockdown as a short-term measure in order to reduce the infection rate. Austria will start the winter season as soon as the general situation allows.

Statement by Lisa Weddig, Director of the Austrian National Tourism Office
"From a tourist point of view, this lockdown is extremely painful. However, it is necessary given the current rate of infection. There is still great interest for the winter holidays in Austria. We are still confident that the winter season in Austria will be possible with the appropriate safety measures as soon as the situation improves. The hosts of Austria have already acted responsibly this summer and will continue to do so in the winter. "

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