Sibiu - Turin, Constanta - Turin, Bucharest - Ibiza with Blue Air

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Blue Air, the first smart flying company in Romania, expands its operational network, facilitating very good connections between different destinations via the operational bases in Bucharest, Turin and Larnaca.



On the map of the destinations, the routes appeared: Sibiu - Turin (via Stuttgart), Constanta - Turin (your Athena), Bucharest - Ibiza (via Turin), Bacau - Ibiza (via Torino) and many more. Cristi, our colleague with good fingers, has researched the map of Blue Air destinations, and below you have the complete list of new direct destinations or with a stopover in Bucharest, Larnaca or Turin: CTA-IBZ / PMI / MAH / MAD / LCA / LTN (via TRN) yes CTA-DUB / ARN / BRU / CGN / BHX / LPL / GLA (via OTP), SUF-STR / MAH / PMI (via TRN), FCO-LTN / PMI / MAH (via TRN), RNA-BCN / MAD / FCO / VLC (via OTP), IAS-GLA / DUB / FLR / HAM (via OTP), BRI-STR (via TRN), LCA-BCN / BLQ / BRU / CTA / AGP / LPL / NAP / FLR / CGN / BLQ / FCO / BGY (via OTP). Some of these routes are already loaded into the Blue Air booking engine and you can make reservations.

We notice that some changes are happening right now on the Blue Air map. So we will come back with updates!

Bucharest, Iasi and Bucharest Blue Air
Bucharest, Iasi and Bucharest Blue Air


At the same time, from January 7, 2016, Blue Air will serve hot food on the flights Bucharest - Glasgow - Bucharest, a service also available on flights to Barcelona and Madrid.

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