Sicily has become "yellow" after the number of cases increased in the last month

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New restrictions have entered into force in Sicily. The island has entered the "yellow" zone due to the increase in the number of new cases of infection. Since mid-August, more than 1.000 new cases have been reported in Sicily every day, exceeding the threshold for the number of hospitalizations and the number of beds in intensive care units.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, declared that the change of the status of Sicily from white to yellow is "Proof that the virus has not yet been defeated and that the priority is to continue investing in the vaccination campaign and the wise and responsible action of citizens and tourists alike".

The new restrictions are due to the reduction in the number of Italians who go on summer holidays and for whom Sicily is a popular holiday destination. Sicilians are now required to wear masks outdoors, and the number of seats in the restaurant is limited to four people at one meal, even outdoors. There are no restrictions on movement and evening time.

From August 6, Italy has introduced the obligation to present the digital green certificate COVID-19 at the entrance to cafes, bars, enclosed public spaces, crowded areas! The task of verifying these certificates has been assigned to the administrators of the services and activities for which the green permit obligation has been introduced. The digital green certificate can be verified through an application made FREE of charge for merchants and event organizers.

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