Singapore Airlines operated Boeing 747 aircraft from 1973 to 2012

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Here, everything has a beginning and an end. Singapore Airlines presented today the operational report with the aircraft Boeing 747. This marks the end of the era, in the SIA fleet, for the 747 jumbo jet. There have been 39 years of long haul flights to 31 destinations, operated by Singapore Airlines with Boeing 747 models. The first 747 aircraft was commissioned into 1972, and a year later it joined the SIA fleet.

Today was the last flight operated by Singapore Airlines with a Boeing 747. It was between Singapore and Hong Kong. The SQ747 flight took off from Hong Kong with 350 people on board and landed in Singapore at 19.40 local time.

The Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 will take the place of this aircraft model. It seems that in any field, over time, there will always be someone better.

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