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Wizz Air has chosen this day, August 29, 2016, to present the new site. Cristi rolled my sleeves about the new design of the site, and I checked it out.

The Wizz Air website


It's much simpler and more airy. The flight search engine gave us some headaches, but it's intuitive. At the time of testing, it did not work on parameters. But we managed to do some simulations.


We liked the way the fare classes are presented and what they contain. Basic airline tickets contain: airfare with taxes, a small cabin baggage of size 42x32x25cm and the possibility of free online check-in.


Plus airline tickets contain: Airfare, Seats selection, WIZZ Flex, Free online and airport check-in, Priority boarding, 1 Small personal luggage on board, 1 Large hand luggage, 1 Heavy hold luggage, Express Booking.

Currently, Wizz Air offers tour packages (hotel + flight) through Wizz Tours and car rental through Cars Wizz Air. Those who want to buy and accommodation can do so from booking.com.

The information and services page is well structured. You can easily find travel information, flights, how to book and more.


On the login side there seems to be some problems, but after several attempts we managed to log in. At first glance, the Wizz Air site is nice and airy, but I think we still need to work on search engine and usability.

A demonstration of the new interface and the facilities offered can be seen below!

As I mentioned above, the new Wizz Air website is faster, has an interface that easily adapts to any display and is easy to use. The revolutionary Express Booking function, unique in this industry, allows you to purchase a ticket with just three clicks, in 30 seconds. The company introduced the new website interface in May 2016, on the occasion of its anniversary, when it launched the mobile version of the website, for its users who are passionate about technology and for those who are on the move and are in constant need. quick access. Now, taking into account the suggestions received and implementing minor adjustments, WIZZ has developed a new website, available on all platforms.

Do you like the new Wizz Air site?

  1. Lucian says

    It will be simple and airy, but it's perfectly non-functional. I tried 5 days to complete a payment (I succeeded with the old site today) and could not do a simple check-in. Apparently I'm not the only one, facebook and twitter are shouting about it. Unacceptable that in 2016 a company that relies so much online to make such a big mistake

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Correct! The site is not functional to the parameters… Let's hope they will solve the problem quickly.

  2. Monica rocks says

    Due to the errors given by the new site I paid a place 4 times… unacceptable ..

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, it is true. Such incidents should not have occurred. But you can ask to block the transactions at the bank and the amount will be returned to your account!

  3. D Grigore says

    I've been stuck for three days when I get to the last "pay and book now" button
    It is not functional . If anyone has a solution please write to me on dgrigore2 # gmail.com

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