The situation of the runways of the Henri Coandă Bucharest Airport

It is no longer a secret that Henri Coandă - Bucharest Airport does not invest in the infrastructure and in the rehabilitation of runways. Technically speaking, the 2 tracks still comply with some standardized rules for operability. If we talk about comfort, the 2 tracks have "turbulence". But let's see what the Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) says.

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Regarding the state of the moving surface, especially the runways of Henri Coandă International Airport, the Bucharest Airports National Company makes the following details.

The runway-landing runways of the airport are functional and fully comply with the safety requirements imposed by the civil aviation authorities. The entire movement surface is included in a special tracking program.

Henri Coandă - Bucharest International Airport has 2 runways

On both tracks, regular maintenance and repairs are carried out. Thus, in the second half of the 2016 year, current repair works were carried out at the wear layer of the landing runway no. 1 (08R-26L) on an area of ​​40.800 sqm, following that during July-August 2017 will perform similar works on other 38.000 sqm.

Landing runway no. 2 (08L-26R) is operated with the 08 threshold shifted, over a length of 2.200 meters, as early as August 15 2015, as a result of rejecting the receipt of works performed on its first third. In the immediately following period, an evaluation of these surfaces will be carried out, in order to operationalize and reopen the entire runway (3.500m).

In the second quarter of the year 2017, on the surface of movement were performed works consisting of asphalt carpet squeezing on treads and platforms, totaling 15.800 sqm. At the same time, concrete slabs were replaced at the treads and platforms, on a total area of ​​1.900 sqm, other 825 sqm being in operation.

Also, in the same period, the approval was obtained, through Ministerial Order, of the technical-economic indicators for the extension to the north of the 1 platform, with four aircraft parking positions, and the drafting of the technical project was followed, following the contracting stage and execution of works.

CNAB staff has made and will continue to make every effort to ensure a high level of safety, security and comfort for all passengers passing through Bucharest airports, as well as for the safe and secure operation of all civil and military aircraft.

No one denies the above, but why should certain tasks be done only when the press starts to sound an alarm? The 08L-26R runway threshold is offset from 2015. Only in 2017 this summer it would be possible to completely reopen the 2 track.

Going over all the technical discussions, both tracks need at least a new layer of asphalt, maybe consolidation. Passenger traffic is increasing and terminals are under-sized for constant daily flow.

The tracks meet the technical norms, but what about the other aspects? Henri Coandă International Airport is Romania's main airport, but unfortunately it does not have the brightest runways. Maybe something will change!

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