Six countries allow vaccinated passengers to avoid the required quarantine.

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As countries begin to apply the vaccination measure to citizens, travel restrictions begin to be lifted. So far, there are six countries that allow vaccinated passengers to avoid the required quarantine. Of these six, four are in Europe.

Passengers will need to present their vaccination certificate.

Passengers will be required to provide proof of vaccination, which includes the manufacturer, personal data, location and batch number. All this information can be found on the certificate given to those who choose to be vaccinated. Under this certificate, passengers will only be able to escape quarantine or testing in countries that have adopted these measures.


Iceland opened its border to all residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, only if they received both doses of vaccine. The unvaccinated will have to respect conditions of entry and transit into Iceland.


Romania announced as early as last month, through DECISION no. 4 from 18.01.2021, that the neighbors will be able to get rid of caranine, becoming one of the first countries to make this decision. In order to get rid of the quarantine in Romania, those vaccinated can enter the country 10 days after carrying out both doses of vaccine, being necessary to present a certificate attesting this.

Cyprus and Poland

While Iceland and Romania offer more liberal policies, Cyprus and Poland they still have strict border controls. Vaccination plan of Cyprus enters into force on 1 March. However, only residents of certain countries will be allowed to travel on Cypriot territory.

Poland it has also waived its 10-day quarantine requirements for those who can prove vaccination. Passengers can skip the mandatory quarantine even with a test performed before departure. However, the border remains closed for most countries, at least for now.


One of the most famous island nations, Seychelles, accepts foreign tourists only from countries with low epidemiological risk. Passengers who have received the two doses of vaccine can enter the country 14 days after the last dose (when the vaccines reach maximum effectiveness), but also with a test performed before departure, which is not older than 72 hours .

Both Emirates and Qatar Airways operate flights to the island, offering extraordinary connectivity. The new rules could cause thousands of tourists to return to the island in the summer season, boosting the island's economy.


One of the most popular Asian tourist destinations, Thailand, develops reopening plans for tourists. Although nothing has been formalized yet, the plan would allow vaccinated travelers to "avoid" the current two-week quarantine.

If Thailand reopens its borders for tourists, it could expect to receive millions of travelers this year alone. So he is still working on restrictive measures during the pandemic.

It should be remembered that vaccination is a slow process and it may take some time for the vast majority of the population to be vaccinated. Please note that vaccination is not mandatory. However, for those who have obtained the vaccination certificate, the trips could be much more relaxing!

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