The Skigyimes summer bean slope will be expanded with a 4-star hotel with 30 accommodations

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Several thousand tourists arrive daily in Lunca de Sus, Harghita County, to try the Skigyimes summer bean track. The runway was inaugurated in 2018 and soon became one of the main attractions of the area. The leisure area of ​​Lunca de Sus also includes a restaurant and a summer terrace, and by the end of next year will have a hotel with wellness services and 31 rooms for tourists who want to spend the night in the area. The investment will be funded by a project supported by the Pro Economica Alapítvány Foundation and will create about 50 new jobs.

From a summer bean to a 4-star hotel in the area of ​​the Skigyimes slope in Lunca de Sus

Lunca de Sus locality has become relevant for Romanian tourism thanks to the summer bean slope built here 3 years ago, whose construction cost 1.5 million euros. Today, the grain is functional in summer and winter, and for the winter season were inaugurated two ski slopes, ideal for beginners: a slope of 700 light and another of 800 meters, with medium difficulty The slopes are located on a height of 1060 meters, the level difference being 160 meters.

As tens of thousands of tourists pass through Skigyimes every year, the complex has developed over time, over time, a guesthouse with a restaurant, a bar, a cottage with a panoramic terrace and a car park with over 200 spaces. it often becomes slightly too small thanks to the growing number of adrenaline enthusiasts, eager to try this bobsled track.

The new hotel that will benefit from the financial support of the Pro Economica Foundation will have 31 rooms, but also a wellness center with a capacity of about 150 people, which will be able to enjoy all tourists eager for such relaxation, not only those accommodated in the complex. The project is expected to be completed in 2 years.

11 4 and 5 star hotels and additional tourist facilities are to be built in Mureș, Harghita and Covasna counties in the coming years through funding supported by the Pro Economica Alapítvány Foundation. Almost 500 new jobs will be created, and the accommodation capacity in the region will be supplemented by about 700 rooms.

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