Smart Weekend with 14,99% discount to Brussels, Madrid and Naples with Blue Air

Smart Weekend with 14,99% discount to Brussels, Madrid and Naples with Blue Air

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La Blue Air this weekend brings 14,99% discount for all flights to / from Brussels, Madrid and Naples! Between 21 and 23 June you can plan your trips to the destinations:

Bucharest - Brussels, Brussels - Bucharest and return - from 400 lei round trip *
Bacău - Brussels, Brussels - Bacău and return - from 380 lei round trip *
Bucharest - Madrid, Madrid - Bucharest and return - from 850 lei round trip *
Bucharest - Naples, Naples - Bucharest and return - from 400 lei round trip *

The travel period is 21 June - 26 October 2013.

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* The simulations were performed for July, August and September. There are great chances to find even better prices, depending on the travel periods you choose.

  1. Andreea says

    I think Blue Air have the lowest prices .. I always choose to fly with them 🙂

  2. George Hari Popescu says

    For those who can stay two weeks at the destination, yes, they are low prices. A Buc-Bxl came out to me at 350 for round trip lei.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Estimated prices in the article are for slightly shorter periods, even on weekends. From here and something bigger, but depending on the needs of each one ... you can find much better offers.

      1. George Hari Popescu says

        No, for small periods I found at the price double that of the article. But apparently, we've talked about what these deals are. The idea is that you give 400 of lei on a luggage transport, to give you another 600 euros per accommodation for two weeks 🙂

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          I told you, I found even cheaper on the weekend :). The job with accommodation does not have to do with transportation. Each how to do it ...

          1. George Hari Popescu says

            And I told you I didn't find it on the weekend, so it doesn't happen. We return to that with "offer within the limit of available places", that is 5 places 🙂

  3. Sorin Rusi says

    George, look for them 20-23 September 2013 Bucharest - Brussels - Bucharest and tell me what price you have. 405 lei appears to me :), so on the weekend ...

    1. George Hari Popescu says

      Yes, 405 and me.

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