Smoking on the plane cost a passenger $ 4000

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On 21 May 2019, a passenger of Spirit Airlines was filmed while lighting a cigarette in the plane. Witnesses said he was also intoxicated.

If you have flown by plane, at least once, you know that smoking is forbidden on the plane. This decision was made for the safety of the flight, to avoid fires on board, but also because the air in the aircraft is recirculated. It's not nice to breathe cigarette smoke. Plus there are also non-smokers, children, the elderly, etc. So NO smoke on the plane.

Smoking on the plane

And yet, on a flight from Spirit Airlines (United States), a gentleman lit his cigarette and tried to enjoy it while the plane flew smoothly to Minneapolis.

Unfortunately for him, the passengers around him alerted the flight attendants. Smoking on the plane cost him $ 4000, fine. The young man was detained by the police, at his final destination - Minneapolis.

Don't be like the passenger above. What NOT to do on the plane / Do not be an idiot, mitochondria and senseless passenger!

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