Solyom Hungarian Airways - a new airline in Hungary

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After the Malev bankruptcy of 2012, several routes operated from / to Hungary were abandoned. Wizz Air and Ryanair have taken over part of the network of the former state air carrier, but there is certainly room for a third big player.

Three Hungarian businessmen will set up Solyom Hungarian Airways. They will be financially supported by investors from the Middle East (Oman and the United Arab Emirates).

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The plan is extremely optimistic and ambitious. International media announces that Solyom Hungarian Airways will launch its first flights at the end of August. The flight license and the first planes are expected. Last week, in London, a rental agreement was signed for the first six aircraft. If all goes according to plan, Solyom Hungarian Airways will immediately start operating at Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest. Solseom CEO Jozsef Vago did not give more details about the routes, but hopes for a rapid expansion to the Middle East, North Africa and the former Soviet republics.

In the first year 700 will be hired by people, and their number will reach 3000 in the next 3 years. The fleet will increase from 6 aircraft in 2013 to 25 units at the end of 2014 and to 50 aircraft in 2017. According to sources close to the airline Solyom Hungarian Airways, it is expected that in the first year approximately 3 million passengers will be transported, and by 2017 their number will reach 8 million. Solyom Hungarian Airways will be a premium airline and will not compete directly with low-cost carriers, but will have to adopt a very good pricing policy.

To date, Solyom Hungarian Airways has already entered into contracts with several multinational companies. Also in the plan are the construction of an aircraft maintenance center and a luggage transport service, Solyom Hungarian Airways being interested in taking over Aeroplex Central European Technical Center Ltd and Malév Ground Handling Company Zrt.

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