Solyom Hungarian Airways "crashed" on take-off

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On 22 July 2013, I was excited to announce the launch of a new Hungarian carrier on its behalf Solyom Hungarian Airways. I was writing at the time that: “three Hungarian businessmen will set up Solyom Hungarian Airways. They will be financially supported by investors from the Middle East (Oman and the United Arab Emirates). " It's just that these investors were not found and the problems started to appear.

The time has passed, the employees have not received their money, the planes (except one Boeing 737-500) did not arrive and that's how Solyom Hungarian Airways "crashed" on takeoff. As a result of this failure, more than 100 suppliers were left with a budget hole of more than $ 220. The registration process has been stopped and the money should be returned in 000 days, which no one thinks will happen. This is how the ambitious plan went, with 60 operational planes in 50, on Saturday. Sad but true!

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  1. Master RA says

    Unfortunately I was right, when I commented that it is very difficult, if not impossible to succeed, and especially to be successful!

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