Sony PlayStation Vita - entertainment center in your travels

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Last month we tested one of the strongest portable gaming consoles on the market. Console Sony PlayStation Vita has been my partner on various trips and has proven to be very helpful. The supreme portable entertainment system, PS Vita, has a range of approximately 4 hours, enough to keep you ugly on a race Bucharest - Paris, Bucharest - London, or on which countries you fly.

Sony PlayStation Vita it's not just a gaming console. We could say that it is a true entertainment center, even though the small size and the 5 inch screen limit the work experience. But it compensates with the idea that it can be a useful gadget in your travels. It is a small gadget, easily fits in luggage and can be used without disturbing others.

The PS Vita system offers new modes of interaction through a set of innovative features, such as the 5 inch OLED front touchscreen, the built-in touchpad (located on the bottom of the gadget), the two analog stick, sensors motion and the two camcorders.

I am working on 80 games in different categories. At the time of launch, several big names were already available such as: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Little Deviants, Unit 13, Modnation Racers: Roadtrip, Everybody's Golf and Reality Fighters.

I played pool and Unit 13. Most of the games are offered in the demo version, where you have access to only a few missions and facilities, the rest being for a fee. No applications are currently available. You are looking for yourself memory card with a capacity of at least 16GB. Games take up a lot of space!

In addition, with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, PS Vita facilitates your interaction and multiplayer activities through the new Near and Party applications. You can find PS Vita holders on board aircraft as well, so you can play on the net :).

On the social networking side, you won't miss Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter. All come integrated in the newest portable console and you can communicate with your friends.

But we must not forget the list of news either 5 MP video camera which allows the recording of movies or the Map application that allows users to receive information about their current location and to plan their routes, whether pedestrian or motorized.

To make it easier to accommodate the new features and technologies included in PS Vita, the manufacturer has also included a suite of applications called Welcome Park, which explains and demonstrates the functionality of the new PS Vita, in the form of simple but fun games.

Console Sony PlayStation Vita is available in the 3G / WiFi version at the price of £ 1.449,99 and only WiFi at the price of £ 1.129,99. During the flight it is advisable to switch off the 3G connections, and WiFi can only be used on aircraft equipped with this technology. Virgin Australia has announced its intention to equip the entire fleet with Wi-Fi until 2013. Norwegian offers free Wi-Fi on board aircraft! You will also find Wi-Fi on board transoceanic and transcontinental aircraft.

Full specifications Sony PS Vita

Platform namePlayStation®Vita
Model namesPCH-1000 series
Processor (CPU)ARM® Cortex ™ -A9 core (4 cores)
Visual Processing Unit (GPU)SGX543MP4 +
Main memory512MB
Touch screen)5 inci (16: 9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLEDE multi touch screen (capacitive type)
touchpadMulti touch (capacitive type)
The roomFront camera, back camera Frequency rate: 120cps@320×240(QVGA), 60cps@640×480(VGA) Resolution: Up to 640×480(VGA)
SoundBuilt-in stereo speakers Built-in microphone
sensorsSix-axis sensitivity system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), three-axis electronic compass
LocationBuilt-in GPS Support for Wi-Fi location service
buttonsPS Button Start Button Directional Buttons (Up / Down / Right / Left) Action Buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)


Shoulder buttons (Right / Left)

Stick right, stick left

START button, SELECT button

Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless communicationMobile network connectivity (3G / Wi-Fi only) 3G modem (data communication): HSDPA / HSUPA, GSM / GPRS / EDGEIEEE 802.11b / g / n (n = 1 × 1) (Wi-Fi) ) (Infrastructure mode / Ad-hoc mode)


Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR (A2DP / AVRCP / HSP)

Slots / PortsPlayStation®Vita Card Slot Memory Card Slot SIM Card Slot (3G / Wi-Fi only) Port for various use (for data communication via USB, DC IN, Audio [Stereo Out / Mono In],
PowerBuilt-in Lithium-ion Battery: DC3.7V 2210mAh AC Adapter: DC 5V
Operating Temperature5 N 35 grade Celsius
AV content formatMusic - MP3 MPEG-1 / 2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), WAVE (Linear PCM) Videos - MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC), H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC High / Main / Baseline Profile


Images - JPEG (Exif 2.2.1), TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG

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