Sony Vaio T13 - the first ultrabook in Vaio's portfolio

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Portable, slim, with extended autonomy, the new ultrabook from would be VAIO T is the optimal solution for a day when you need connectivity for either office work or home entertainment.

The casing made of aluminum and magnesium brings an elegant note to the rugged design. The first Sony VAIO Ultrabook successfully combines reliability with performance. Equipped with the latest Sony and Intel technologies, the T Series offers the perfect balance of utility and entertainment.

Sony Vaio T13

Available with an 13.3 inch display, the Sony VAIO T13 ultrabook it is easy to carry and fits easily into any bag. It weighs 1.6Kg and can be carried even in plane, on hand luggage!

Quick Wake + Eco module allows the ultrabook to be used in just a few seconds by simply opening the lid. With the same ease, the new VAIO T ultrabook will go into deep sleep mode when you close the screen, significantly reducing power consumption and keeping data safe for up to 30 days1.

The extended battery life allows the ultrabook to be used for an entire working day. Due to generous autonomy, up to 7 hours, it will be easy for you to attend meetings, work or chat online with friends!

Sony Vaio T13

The VAIO T Series combines extended battery life with performance. Thanks to low-voltage Intel Core processors, you'll easily be able to browse course materials, presentations or any other documents. By implementing the hybrid storage solution, using Intel Smart Response Technology (iSRT) technology that combines a SSD cache for speed and a Hard Disk for high storage capacity, VAIO T offers fast boot time and generous storage space.

You will be surprised by the audio experience offered by the VAIO T Series with the help xLOUDTM and Clear PhaseTM technologies, which allow the volume to increase in intensity without distortion, whether you're during a video communication session, watching videos or playing games.

From now on you won't have to worry about the times when you run out of battery on the phone: the VAIO ultrabook allows you to charge your mobile phone at any time, even when it's not on or in sleep mode. You just have to connect the phone via USB.

Editing, distributing and viewing the media collection will become a real pleasure with the new VAIO T series. The PlayMemories Home application, developed by Sony, is available at no additional cost, so you can easily edit HD videos. It is also included the latest version of Adobe Acrobat X Standard, which will allow you to manipulate PDF files.

The VAIO T Series also has a solution in case it is stolen. The trial version of the Intel program Anti-Theft Service3 is a smart solution that offers free protection for 90 days, to keep your data safe. This built-in option automatically detects a theft and blocks unauthorized access to stored information. The situation can also be useful when traveling, if luggage is lost.

The Sony VAIO T13 Ultrabook, equipped with an Intel Core i3 Processor, is available at the price of £ 3.499,99!

Below you have Full technical specifications for the Sony Vaio T13 ultrabook

Model VAIO SVT1311M1E
processor Intel® Core ™ i3-2367M
OS Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64bit) with 1 Service Pack
Memory 4GB DDR3, 1333MHz, SDRAM
HDD 320GB HDD Hybrid Storage System, 5400rpm + 32GB SSD (SSD is dedicated to increasing system performance and is not available for data storage)
Screen 33.7cm (13.3 ”) VAIO Display (1366 × 768) aspect wide (16: 9)
Graphic processing unit Intel® HD Graphics 3000
Optical drive -
Other Features WLAN 802.11b / g / n; Bluetooth® Ver. NO + HS; USB 4.0 (x2.0), USB 1 with USB charging (x3.0); HDMI output; stereo speakers; HD webcam with 'Exmor for PC' technology (1.31 megapixels); Web, VAIO and Assist buttons; illuminated keyboard and touchpad with gesture support.
Dimensions DxHxW Approx. 226 x 17.8 x 323 mm
Weight Approx. 1.6kg (with standard battery included)

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