Sony XQD S Series - The Fastest Memory Card

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Sports photojournalists can achieve outstanding shooting performance this summer with Sony's new series of XQD memory cards, which perfectly meet their requirements in terms of capacity and safety.

With a real read-write transfer rate of 168MB / s XQD S series exceeds the maximum limit of Compact Flash cards (167 MB / s).

Used in conjunction with the Nikon D4 DSLR model, the XQD S Series easily captures a burst of 108 frames3 RAW (on a RAW file compressed by 12 bits, the file size is 10.5MB). With 10fps shooting speed, the photographer can capture the 100 meter sprint sample from start to finish in a single burst of RAW images.

The remarkable transfer speed of the new card greatly reduces the backup time of photos on the PC, increasing the efficiency of busy journalists and professionals who have to meet tight deadlines. Thus, the time required for back-up is reduced by up to 30% 2 compared to the fastest CF cards. High speed driver for MRW-E80 XQD card reader is available for free download.

Also available for free is the driver that allows XQD memory cards to be used on Thunderbolt interface computers equipped with a compatible card reader.

The 64 GB storage capacity of the XQD S series makes it ideal for storing large RAW files. This can be particularly useful for sports photographers who have to shoot the cameras from a distance and cannot easily change their memory cards.

As of August, users of the XQD S series can download for free the latest version of File Rescue, the 3.2 version, which allows accidentally deleted photos or video recordings to be recovered. It is the world's first data recovery application that supports the latest AVCHD and 3D5 formats, as well as RAW and MOV files. File Rescue is also available for XQD H series users.

The new XQD S series of memory cards is also available with the capacity of 64GB starting July 2012. The 32GB version will be available this fall (September or October).

With the award-winning XQD memory cards at the TYPE 4, Sony's range of storage devices expands with new products for a wide range of users, applications and devices.

The range of microSD cards is ideal for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Supplied with a standard size SD card adapter, the 4 class of cards now includes a 16GB model.

MicroVault 'Style' USB Flash drives are a safe and modern way of storage. Available in pink and green 'pop' stickers offer up to 16GB storage capacity.

Those who register their media products on the Sony page have access to the File Rescue program.

Technical specifications: QDS64 - QDS32

InterfacePCI Express Gen.1
Transfer speed (Reading) 168MB / s * NEVER
Speed ​​up transfer (Writing) 168MB / s * NEVER
Usable capacity59.4GB


Operating temperature-25~65
Operating temperature during storage-40~85
WeightAbout 10g
Dimensiplain (L x L x Î) About 29.6 x 3.8 x 38.5 mm
Guarantee5 years

Technical specifications: SR16A4

Speed ​​class Class 4
Usable capacity14.4GB
Operating temperature-25~85
WeightAbout 1g
Dimensiuni (L xlx Î) About 11 x 1 x 15 mm
Guarantee5 years
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