South African Airways has resumed flights after a year of inactivity

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On September 23, South African Airways resumed operations and began flying after a year of inactivity. The first flights have already been operated from Johannesburg to destinations such as Cape Town, Accra, Kinshasa, Harare, Lusaka and Maputo.

SAA has not operated commercial passenger flights since March 2020, and cargo and repatriation flights were discontinued in September 2020. Due to very high debts, The SAA has lost government support and, inevitably, she had to stop operations.

But authorities have not given up on the idea of ​​relaunching a South African national airline. After months of work, South African Airways is back in flight. According to the interim CEO, the first estimates show that the degree of flight load could be 75%. The expansion of the operational network will be done gradually and in accordance with travel restrictions.

It is hoped that the new SAA will remain profitable and resume its leadership among local airlines, which will operate domestic and international flights in accordance with demand.

The relaunch of SAA could have been achieved with the help of the Takatso consortium, which would have bought the majority stake. The consortium has promised to invest up to $ 243 million over the next three years. Kgokolo, the company's interim director, said the SAA would need a modern fleet if it intends to be competitive outside Africa. The current fleet consists only of Airbus aircraft and has an average age of over 15 years.

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