Southwest, United and Alaska Airlines will reactivate the 737 MAX aircraft from 2021.

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US airlines have begun procedures to reactivate 737 MAX aircraft and introduce them into operational service. We remind you that The FAA lifted the flight ban for 737 MAX.

After 18 months, during which time the planes were detained on the ground, the airlines are eager to bring the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft back into the air.

American Airlines is the first airline to start using the 737 MAX for commercial flights, with the first passenger flights scheduled for December.

Owners of 737 MAX aircraft are eager to reactivate this model

Airlines in the United States have over 60 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which are currently inactive. To date, Southwest Airlines is the largest 737 MAX operator in the United States, with 34 aircraft received, followed by American Airlines with 24 units and United Airlines has 14 aircraft of this type.

Southwest Airlines intends to return 737 MAX 9 aircraft to operational service from the second quarter of fiscal year 2021, most likely from March.

Alan Kasher, Southwest's Vice President, said maintenance, additional training and careful aircraft checks are needed before bringing them back into flight.

United Airlines intends to resume flights with Boeing 737 MAX 9 from its hubs in Denver and Houston in the first quarter of 2021, but could not provide an exact date.

And Alaska Airlines plans to use 737 MAX aircraft in 2021. The airline purchased one aircraft from Boeing and leased another 13 from Air Lease Corporation. officials Alaska Airlines are confident in this aircraft model and plan the first passenger flights starting in March 2021.

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