Watch the adventures of Speak and Stefania in Seychelles, Jakarta and Bali. The show "Adventure, shout hate!" is on VOYO!

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After Speak and Stefania performed at Asia Expess in 2019, reaching the finals, the two moved to Pro TV. More precisely, Speak and Stefania see each other on Voyo, from February 22, with the digital show "Adventure, shout hate!".

Speak and Stefania started the year with an adventure in several exotic places such as Dubai, Seychelles (one of the most exotic islands), Jakarta and Bali. What turned out to be a quiet vacation turned into an adventure full of suspense and unexpected situations. We remind you that the two, Speak and Stefania, the former competitors of Asia Express, were isolated in a hotel in Jakarta after positive COVID-19 was detected.

"Adventure, shout hate!" is a project that started in a moment of complete relaxation for me and Stefania. We went at the beginning of the year on an extended vacation, a vacation in which we wanted to combine, as we knew best, adventure with relaxation. I documented all the adventures I went through, from the hours spent at the airport and the positive COVID 19 tests, to the time spent in solitary confinement, and that's how an authentic and funny travel diary came out. I guarantee you will have fun with us and not only that, you will see dreamy landscapes and details about the cultures of the areas where we walked ", said Speak.

Episodes "Adventure, shout hate!" Can also be watched on his YouTube channel Speak and Stefania.

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