Special guests at BIAS 2019 / Among them: Baltic Bees, JAS 39 Gripen and SOKO G2 GALEB

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We leave 18 days until the most anticipated aeronautical show in Romania. Official, BIAS NOTHING will be held on 24 August.

Annually, Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition gathers over 100 planes in Bucharest, in aerial evolutions and exposed to the public, hundreds of pilots and paratroopers, but also thousands of aviation and aviation enthusiasts.

Special guests at BIAS 2019

Among this year's guests, you can admire the ones from the Romanian Air Club, Baltic Bees, JAS 39 Gripen and SOKO G2 GALEB. We will have spectacular developments from Luca Bertossio and Jurgis Kairys. And on the static display you can admire the NATO AWACS E-3A aircraft. But let's say a few words about each one.

TAROM participates with Airbus A318

TAROM company will be present, for the first time ever, with two surprises! So, for aviation lovers and all those present at the most important aviation show in the country, pilots Alfred Ghergan and Cristian Dona will sky the BIAS 2019 with an Airbus A318 aircraft. Our information says that it will be about YR-ASD "Smaranda Brăescu", a beloved heroine of some of the TAROM employees. They will perform with skill and confidence maneuvers solo and in formation with Hawks of Romania.

ATR-72-600-this-stand-tarom-bias 2019
PHOTO: RG Aviation Photography

The second surprise comes with the static exhibition within the event, where TAROM will have a presentation stand. An ATR 72-600 will be on display at the TAROM booth within BIAS 2019.

Romania's club


The Romanian club will participate with its acrobatics teams: Hawks of Romania, Tricolor Eagles, Blue Wings, National Parachuting Lot, White Wings, The Pelicans.

We're getting ready for a great show at #BIAS2019. Dozens of aircraft and hundreds of pilots, paratroopers, athletes and volunteers train to present, at the most important event of the year, the image of Sports Aviation in Romania.

Baltic Bees returns to BIAS 2019

Baltic-bees-bias 2019

To the delight of all flight enthusiasts, the Latvian Baltic Bees Jet Team returns to BIAS! 🙂

The Baltic Bees will evolve with six L-39C Albatros, training aircraft, jet and two seats. The albatross is special and very popular due to its excellent technical characteristics, impeccable aerodynamics and maneuverability.

Luca Bertossio returns to BIAS 2019

Luca Bertossio Aerobatics is one of the special guests of #BIAS2019. 29 years old, the Italian is the world champion in gliding and the youngest winner of the Glider Aerobatics competition.

With over 3500 experience of flying with SWIFT gliders S1, MDM Fox, ASK21 and IS28B2, the Italian Luca Bertossio also holds the pilot's license.

Evolving at 1.200 meters altitude, Luca Bertossio is a true glider physicist. What the spectators think is the art of floating in the air, for the world champion, glider flight is careful mathematical calculations, rigorously applied physics formulas, but also engineering intuition and genius courage. Luca Bertossio manages to amaze, each time with his exceptional stunts.

JAS 39 Gripen

Gripen-JAS-39-2019 bias

The Hungarian Air Force will be present at the BIAS 2019, in static display, with a JAS 39 Gripen, a lightweight, single-engined multi-role aircraft, manufactured by the SAAB aeronautical company in Sweden.

It is equipped with delta wing, duck type (also called duck), a design that provides relaxed stability and an electronic fly-by-wire control system.



HA-LIX, the only Lisunov Li-2 in the world still flying. Lisunov Li-2 is a twin-engine plane manufactured in the Soviet Union for passenger or freight transport. It was massively used during World War II.

A group of dedicated people, Hungarians from the Goldtimer Foundation, have begun work to restore this historic aircraft from 1997.

The first take-off of the fully restored aircraft took place on September 21, and since then, success has been guaranteed. HA-LIX has already appeared at aviation meetings in Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Germany and Slovakia.


Jurgis Kairys-bias-2019

Aerial acrobatics legend, Jurgis Kairys, has not been missing from any BIAS edition! He'll be with us for the tenth time! We expect you to see his acrobatic maneuvers that he concocted, which today few pilots dare to perform. 

NATO AWACS E-3A aircraft


The NATO AWACS E-3A aircraft, part of the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force (NAEW & C) with a permanent base in Geilenkirchen, Germany, returns to #BIAS.

Full of equipment and with a huge radar antenna above, the Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS monitors airspace, but also coordinates all other allied aircraft in various missions, transmitting real-time information to all.

The multinational crew is just waiting to meet you! You can visit the huge flying radar only at #BIAS2019! 😉 🛫 🛫

Aero TODAY Dolphin from Slovakia

Aero-L-29 dolphin-bias 2019

L-29 Delfin is a training jet aircraft, produced by Czechoslovak company Aero and which had the first flight in 1957. After the Warsaw Pact, L-29 became the official training plane used by all the signatory countries.

The first Romanian to climb the L-29 Delfin was General Major Aurel Niculescu. L-29 toured Romania, participated in rallies and demonstrations. 

Kamov Ka-26 helicopter


Those who have heard of Valer Novac know that he is the "helicopter daddy" in Romania, transforming the utility Ka-26 into an acrobatic helicopter and demonstrating why he is one of the great stars of the aviation demonstrations.

We find out, then, that utility aviation does not mean only those aircraft that rise from the ground this year in Easter to sprinkle the field or villages against pests.

It means vigilant pilots on the sleeve of a device that must be handled with great accuracy! And Valer Novac flies to the grass, returns hastily to 180 degrees, with spectacular accuracy, landing massive aircraft, tens of millions of euros on areas of several tens of square meters, apparently impossible to practice when it comes to aviation.



Galeb Air Club, originally from Belgrade, is highlighted by the dedication of the club's staff and its members for the restoration and conservation of old aircraft and their display in national or international shows.

In the mid-1990s, following a regional arms control treaty, the former Yugoslav Air Force was forced to reduce its inventory at 155 of combat aircraft and 53 of combat helicopters, resulting in a massive withdrawal of aircraft from service.

Eight Soko G-2 Galebs were purchased by the Anglo-Serbian Shuttle Air. The aircraft were disarmed and restored. They are operated and maintained by Galeb club and private owners.

Galeb Air Club has participated in numerous international air shows, including Czech International Air Fest in Hradec Kralove and Brno; Slovak International Air Display in Bratislava; Royal International Air Tatoo in Fairford RAF. But also airshows from Biggin Hill, North Weald, Oshkosh, Belgrade, Tivat, Podgorica to name but a few.

This list will remain open. Other guests at the BIAS 2019 will certainly be announced. The information was published by Bucharest International Air Show. The photographs, for the most part, were taken by Raw Aviation Crew. We thank Teodor Coman for the support given in this material.

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