Specifications regarding the taxi activity at Henri Coanda Airport

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In view of the ones stated by the COTAR confederation in a press release today, 29.11.2016, we make the following details:

1. UBER cars do not have access in the passenger pick-up area, reserved exclusively for authorized taxis.
2. Access of authorized taxis to Henri Coanda airport, for taking over passengers, is free.
3. The Bucharest Airports National Company does not charge any tax for the taxi activity at the airport. The only sums collected from the taxi companies affiliated with COTAR are those related to the advertisement they make on the touchscreen terminals at the airport, respectively 4000 euros per month.
4. The Bucharest Airports National Company has no contractual relationship with UBER. The advertising space is contracted by a media agency.

I see that there is a war between taxi drivers and UBER drivers. I would like to make the following personal clarification. Taxi drivers should be aware that they are the only ones responsible for the success of UBER. From my personal experience, I can say that I met many taxi drivers without respect for passengers, I met many steppe taxi drivers, I saw many rable taxi cars. Even at the airport!

Under these conditions, the market adjusts according to demand and supply. The market must be free. Passengers must have alternatives and choose the transport service according to their needs.

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