Happy Tour stand at the Romanian Tourism Fair, March 2015

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Tourism Fair of Romania he opened his doors. The spring edition runs from 12-15 to March 2015, in the C1-C6 Pavilions within the Romexpo Exhibition Center. Today we were on a short visit to recognition and to see our friends again.

The stand Happy Tour & Prestige Tours is a DOM of 300 square meters. You will find it located outside, in front of the central Romexpo pavilion. You can't miss it. He is the only one of the kind and is on your way to the C1-C6 pavilions. The program will be a very loaded and diversified, with lots of entertainment.

On all days of the fair, between 14-17, you can taste a wine from Crama Urlaţi and good Jamon from Alioli Restaurant. On Saturdays and Sundays you can try the Calip ice cream from 12.00:14.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX. Children will be able to interact with the cartoon characters: Spiderman, Princess Sofia and Elsa from "Frozen". There will also be games: foosball table or archery.

Given that they have focused a great deal on holiday destinations in Turkey, Greece and Spain, Turkish, Greek and Spanish dance shows will not be lacking. And many other surprises, but I better let you discover them yourself. And it's not missing HAPPYşor!

And below a series of photos with the Happy Tour stand!









(Photo: Prestige Tours)

PS We will be back with details and more pictures in the coming days!

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