StarLink satellites cross Romania. See how you can watch them live!

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Update May 8, 2021: The string of Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk's Space X company will be able to be seen again in the Romanian sky. Those in and around Bucharest will be able to watch the "train" of Starlink satellites at 22:30 (Sunday); 03:39 (Monday); 21:19 (Monday) and 21:46 (Tuesday), it is important to have clear skies.

A "train" of Starlink satellites, which are part of the SpaceX project launched by Elon Musk, was visible and is visible in the Romanian sky. It offers spectacular images, captured with the naked eye. The satellites can be seen from several places in Romania, between 21:00 and 22:00.

For the passionate and curious, the satellites can be watched live on the sites findstarlink, satflare, james.darpinian. And also through these sites, you can check if you are on the trajectory of StarLink satellites and thus watch them live in the sky.

Starlink satellites at Eforie Sud Photo: Facebook Raducan Marcela Cătălina

No, they're not aliens, they're not UFOs, and it's not Santa's sleigh. StarLink satellites are part of a project launched and developed by Elon Musk. So far, more than 420 satellites have been launched. But the project includes launching more than 12 such satellites. They will form a suborbital network, at an altitude of 000 kilometers, through which high-speed internet will be able to be provided.

satelitii starlink

The official launch of the internet service proposed by Elon Musk will take place towards the end of the year. Internet will initially be provided in the United States and Canada. And from 2021, global expansion will begin. Starlink will gradually become available in several countries around the world.

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